Root Canal Therapy

Nerve problems in a tooth may present as a really bad toothache aggravated with cold, heat, or pressure, a dental infection (a swelling or a pimple on your gums), or a discolored tooth. Before a root canal, as with many other dental procedures, we make sure to get the tooth nice and numb. That way, we can keep you comfortable, treat the nerve with antibacterial medications, and get you out of pain.

While most root canals can be completed in a single appointment, in complex cases or when there is a lot of infection, it may require more than one visit. Once the root canal is finished and you are out of pain, it is like a twig that has fallen off the main tree. The tooth is dead and dry on the inside and so it snaps easily. Therefore we recommend protecting the tooth with a dental crown to prevent it from breaking in the future.