Digital Xray

Hudson Place Dental features state of the art digital X-rays. Featuring crisp, clear, and instantaneous imaging, digital X-ray technology allows us to quickly and efficiently assess your dental health and diagnose any areas that may be of concern. Sit back and relax in our comfortable chairs while we bring your images right to you, using monitors to magnify your radiographs and oral photos. This allows us to show you exactly what’s going on in your mouth so you can stay up to date with your oral care.

Dental Laser

With new advancements in dentistry, lasers have allowed us to expand our range of services, introducing treatments such as gum correction and therapy, crown lengthening, cold sore therapy, and bacterial disinfection in root canal treatments. By incorporating modern dental lasers in our practice, a variety of dental care procedures have become quicker, more efficient, and more comfortable with less post-operative sensitivity for many of our patients.

Intraoral Scanner

At Hudson Place Dental, we are proud to use high tech intra-oral scanners in your treatment. By taking hundreds of photos of your teeth in seconds, and stitching the photos together using advanced software, we can create accurate 3D models of your mouth that can be stored or transferred digitally, and used for diagnostics, records, crowns, and custom appliances and trays. Through the use of intra-oral scanners, we have been able to improve diagnosis, treatment times, patient education, most importantly, largely do away with old fashion impression trays which would fill patients’ mouths with goop and tended to be fairly messy. It is always a great experience for our patients as they can watch a custom 3D model being generated in real time on our scanner right beside them!

Diagnostic Imaging (Soprocare, Carivu)

A picture says a thousand words, and in Dentistry this is no different. We have a wide assortment of imaging modalities in our tool kit so we can provide you with the very best diagnostic options technology has to offer.


Intra-oral photography using the Soprocare camera allows us to take bright and detailed photos of your teeth, allowing you to see exactly what is going on in your mouth. Intra-oral photography is a great way to visualize the state of your teeth, allowing us to catch stains, wear, filling break down, cracks, and more. Using advanced software, we can detect cavities and dental plaque, as well as signs of gum disease.


An adjunct to X-rays, Carivu uses transillumination technology to detect cavities and cracks when it may not be obvious on an X-ray. Similar to an ultrasound, there is no radiation involved, allowing us a safe and effective way to double check our diagnoses and avoid incorrect diagnoses or missing any cavities in your mouth.

Eco Friendly

From the office building to the clinical materials, we believe in sustainable and environmentally friendly Dentistry. That’s why at Hudson Place Dental, we operate using digital systems whenever we can in order to keep paper waste down to a minimum. Our machines are also high tech and state of the art, allowing us access to efficient power-saving and water saving technology.